Blue Ocean Okinawa Inc. was founded in 2013 in Okinawa, Japan.  As a consulting firm specializing in “local revitalization utilizing ICT”, there are many proposals and implementation results.  We also have in-house engineers who have extensive experience in system development and networking. We released the safety confirmation system “Glassphone” in 2016, and have been introduced nationwide as a disaster prevention solution focusing on care for people who need evacuation support.

Business Outline

1. Local Revitalization Consulting by ICT

We are widely working on support for regional activation of remote islands, including migration promotion projects in Taketomi, creating new employment opportunities that lead to the settlement of migrants, and supporting implementation of “Workation(Work + Vacation)” which is known as a new style of working.  In addition, we newly launched a branding support service for small and medium-sized businesses in February 2019.

2. Regional Disaster Prevention Solution

“Glassphone” is a completely new regional disaster prevention solution consisting of a simultaneous safety confirmation system and a regional disaster prevention consultation.  The system and consultation will strongly support a series of flows from making an evacuation plan, sending “a safety confirmation” to tens of thousands of people by phone at a time, and communicating with related parties involved in evacuation support.

You can make simultaneous calls with up to tens of thousands of people using the pre-registered roster.  It is possible to grasp the registrant’s disaster situation with a simple operation of pressing the push button on the telephone (mobile phone or landline) and answering the situation.  It is particularly effective in disaster prevention in remote areas.

Recently, great attention has been drawn to support for people vulnerable to disasters.  Grasphone is a total safety confirmation solution, including the development of the “support required list”, the “refugee support needed support list”, and the “care need required list”.

3. System / Network Integration

We provide optimal solutions for customer’s problems by providing system services, network construction, operation management, and other technical services that make use of a neutral position, not a product’s pressure from vendors.
We have strengths in program development, website construction, small to large scale infrastructure construction, cloud services (Amazon Web Services / Microsoft Azure / Sakura Internet), and data center services.  With regard to data center services, we offer a wide range of support including introduction consultation, design, construction, and operation support(24 hours/365 days).

Basic Corporate Data

Company Name

Blue Ocean Okinawa Inc.

Company Name

Blue Ocean Okinawa Inc.

Chief Executive Officer

Manabu Iwami

Office Address

Head Office :
〒900-0006 Omoro Park Terrace 3F, 4-6-17 Omoromachi, Naha, Okinawa Prefecture


Taketomi Office:
〒907-1434  201-120 Haemi, Taketomi-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa Prefecture


November 1, 2013


25,000,000 yen


26(includes full-time partner)
2,000(includes teleworkers on “Island Connect Okinawa“)

Major Businesses

  • Regional Revitalization Consulting Business
  • Regional Disaster Prevention Solution
  • System / Network Integration Business

Downloads (Japanese)

Company Profile

Company Profile including actual results

Regional Disaster Prevention Solution “Glassphone”

Mutual assistance enhancement solution “NearLink”